Homeschooling Calgary Strategies for Successful Homeschooling

Strategies for Successful Homeschooling in Calgary


Are you looking for information on homeschooling Calgary?  Your children’s education is incredibly important, and there are many considerations that go into making a decision to home-school your kids. After all, you want to give your kids the best start in life that you can.

Homeschooling Calgary includes so many things in addition to academics, such as physical skills, social skills, field trips, sports, music, and much more.  (COVID 19 has put the damper on some of those things.)

How can you create a well-rounded home-school program that gives your children the most benefits that you can?

These strategies will help you create a successful homeschooling program for your children:

  1. Research home-schooling. Read everything you can about the different curriculums available. Talk to other homeschooling parents, as well as their home-schooled kids, to learn from their experience.
  2. Find out the home-schooling requirements for your area. This varies from location to location.
    • For example, in Canada, each province sets their requirements for homeschooling and some provinces, there may be differences from school board to school board.  
  3. Join a local homeschooling group. One of the best places to find out information about homeschooling is from homeschoolers themselves. You will be able to ask them questions, let them review your practices, and show you what works for them.
    • You can also learn what age-appropriate activities are available, and how the other parents make subjects available that they don’t have expertise in, such as a foreign language or playing a musical instrument.
    • Many local homeschooling groups have arranged all sorts of things for the kids, including field trips, sports teams, and even competitions
  4. Decide on the curriculum. There are various places online where you can buy a curriculum to use at home. These will vary from traditional textbooks and workbooks for reading, writing, and arithmetic, to more custom curriculum that is aimed more at your own child’s interests. Be careful though many prepackaged homeschool curriculums are from the U.S.A. so spelling and subject areas will differ in content and may not fulfill the curriculum for your province.

Here are 4 More tips for Homeschooling in Calgary

  1. Create your own space for homeschooling. Where are you going to be schooling your children? Will you be using the kitchen table, or do you have a spare room to set up for homeschooling? Do you need a blackboard or a desk? What about a computer or space for storage?
  2. Set specific goals. It is important when homeschooling to set specific goals. This is because you will likely be moving at a different pace to those in traditional schooling. You’ll want to ensure that your child is learning as much as the other children of the same age.
  3. Create your schedule. Once you’ve thought about goals for your child, it’s time to create a schedule that supports those goals. Make a plan of what subjects you plan to do on each day, and whether there will be any field trips.
    • Also, include time in your children’s schedule for physical activity, socializing, and making friends. Extracurricular activities are important, and so are social skills.
    • Networking with other parents will help keep you in the loop about what activities are available for your child.
    • Even though you’ve made a plan, remember that you’re allowed to be flexible. That’s one of the benefits of homeschooling.
  4. Ensure that your child doesn’t become isolated. Spending all day with you may seem like a dream but your child may think differently. They need friends of their own age, so let them be kids too.


Have fun and be creative.  There are lots of creative ideas for homeschooling Calgary.

Homeschooling isn’t suitable for all children or all parents, but if you are homeschooling, keep these tips in mind for a successful program that can benefit your children for life.

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