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UP Academy is currently accepting new students. Register your child HERE!

About Us

Our Differentiators Strong fundamental skills is the shortcut to lifelong learning

We successfully navigate the world of learning through the way we teach, the tools we use and the way we evaluate. We tap into the natural way a child’s brain processes information. We uniquely combine traditional forms of learning (left brained) with new interactive (right brained) learning styles.

One Teacher. One Student. No Shared Time.

One Teacher. One Student. No Shared Time.

Individualized Learning Programs

Individualized Learning Programs

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

Our role as educators is to engage, enlighten, empower and inspire.

Who are these people?

Our faculty, staff and building teams are innovative and brilliant, yet incredibly shy and very humble. We are working to get them to come out and play. Stay tuned. In the meantime you can get acquainted with us via our core values, mission and purpose.

Our Purpose: To make Learning Magical!

Making learning magical through innovation and by challenging entrenched behavioral patterns and beliefs.

Our Mission

To inspire our students to embrace the love of knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge creatively, compassionately and courageously throughout their lives.

To offer our bright, motivated, and diverse student body a unique journey of discovery.

To shape our students for the 21st century, preparing them for the roles they will take in running tomorrow’s world; they are the future.

Our Values

Shape Every Facet of the NAS Project

Respect – Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Be supportive and accepting, considerate of other’s feelings. Be attentive and ready to always learn; be encouraging for growth and development of others and be appreciative, valuing the guidance of all leaders.

Resilience – Understand it is not about being perfect. Instead of focusing on reasons you may fail, look for solutions to succeed. Get back up and carry on and realize you may need support from others because you cannot always do it alone. Look at struggles as opportunities to learn and to grow.

Responsibility – Be helpful and be conscientious of all choices you make. Be accountable and consider your actions and how they will impact those around you. Be persevering, working through individual and team objectives and be reliable as others depend on you

Results – Our success is defined by the positive outcomes derived from our unique relationship-driven and ability based environment. We are focused on providing educational solutions. By listening to our staff, students and parents, we are able to understand their needs and work diligently to exceed expectations.

Subsequent to Our Values

We instill these qualities in each of our students, so our graduates become lifelong learners and inventive and innovative leaders, passionate to bring about positive change.

We are innovating education!


UP Academy is currently accepting new students. Register your child HERE!

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