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In-Depth Skills Assessment

At Engaged Educators, we offer free, no obligation, reading screens. However, sometimes it is a good idea to dig a little deeper. We are pleased to bring to our clients, tools to further assist in the academic success of your child.

Often when children are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or even bored at school it is because they are experiencing gaps in their foundational knowledge. In-depth testing not only allows us to see where the specific difficulties are but develop strategies to assist in mastering the required skill set(s).

We now offer comprehensive and reliable, in-depth assessments in reading, math and study skills. All of these assessments come with a written report. Please call the office for pricing.

These assessments measure:

In-Depth Skills Assessment

This test thoroughly assesses the eight sub-skills of reading: high-frequency words, word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, oral vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, fluency.

This test thoroughly assesses a student’s complete mathematical understanding including a concrete picture of strengths and weaknesses. Strands tested include:
1) Numbers & Operations; 2) Algebra; 3) Geometry; 4) Data Analysis; and 5) Measurement

Study Skills
This test thoroughly assesses:
Areas of actual study strategy
Seven Key Sets of Habits and Behaviors
Learning and Study Strategies Inventory
(For our post-secondary bound students – we can even do a sneak peek into predicted success based on current skills and mindset.)

Please, Take a tour to Engaged Educators and compare us with others in the Educating industry. Hope, you’ll fall love with learning. Cause we work on making education more innovative & magical!!!

Book a free, no obligation reading assessment. Email or Call 403-803-6257 Today!

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