About Us

The two founders of the Engaged Educators Team are Lani Donaldson and Yvonne Basten.  They are very excited to offer innovative solutions in three major categories: the Business World, Parents and Students.

 Lani Donaldson

Master educator, author, speaker and entrepreneur, Lani Donaldson has been teaching leadership and speaking skills for decades.  Lani defines passion and inspires others to become their very best.

Lani is a proud mother of three grown daughters and two dogs. She is a former teacher, and administrator in Calgary's largest school system.

Her expertise is "seeing the big picture". She is an expert in teaching study skills, she understands how to navigate the school system and has a passion to help you create the best possible presentation. The above skill sets led her to co-found Engaged Educators.



 Yvonne Basten

Yvonne Basten walks her talk.  Often known as the "woman behind the woman" she exudes style and grace.

She is a proud mother of two grown sons. 

With her international experience, and her keen eye for detail, she brings with her the lessons learned from the harsh realities of Nigerian orphanages to the magical lights of Paris.

Yvonne is the organizational force behind Beacon Literacy, Harbour Masters Master Mind Groups and The Lani Donaldson Literacy Foundation.